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Dear Mukta,
I had seen your work during Anant's wedding and heard so much about your dedication and perfectionist attitude from Anshu Aunty that the moment my wedding got fixed, I knew who was planning it. Without even hearing your credentials or seeing work done by you in the past, we had hired you!

Before even getting hitched, whenever the topic of wedding planning used to come up, one thing I was sure about is that I didn't want one of those fancy 'super busy' wedding planners who didn't have time to hear / meet the client personally and would only send in their able managers to take briefings or go through the first draft of the presentations. Needless to say that when we hired you, that worry for me was washed out. You were on top of the game throughout and were my one point of contact at all times. And while planning a destination wedding, that was most important thing for a control freak bride like me. All my friends used to think that I will drive my wedding planner away in a month, but you read all my detailed briefing mails and heard me patiently throughout. Never said no for anything that I wanted... whether it was the most bizarre thing we requested for. Your go getter attitude instills a lot of confidence in the client so hats off to you for that.

… your execution was superb. You took care of the smallest to the biggest tasks with a smile - from organizing fruit baskets in all rooms to getting yellow roses for mom on the mehndi day to doing the rooming list with me to many more such things. Your decoration ideas too were excellent - it saved me a lot of effort from googling for concepts online. It was expensive but worth the compliments we got on all days. Your team too deserves a pat on the back - they were always smiling ready to help. Many small matters didn't even reach me as I had you and your team working behind the scene to solve it - kudos for that.

In the end, I would just like to say that it was a pleasure working with you and hope we can do many more events together in the future.

Thanks and lets catch up on some behind the scene gossip soon :)

Take care,


Dear Mukta,
Just to say ‘Thank you..’ I know thank you is a very small word to express what I would like to say.

I found Yuna and you quite by accident on Pinterest. Talking to you and meeting you made me decide immediately as I realised we shared a lot in terms of taste and ideas. Over time, during the course of the wedding preparations, you became a part of the family. I would never have managed the wedding without your help. You were there for all big and small issues.

I have to particularly mention the Sangeet day. When the storm came and everything went haywire you and your team worked relentlessly to save the situation. I remember seeing you soaked to the skin running around salvaging the flower decorations. We somehow managed to get through the function only because you were there, taking care of things. All through the wedding functions you were there like a family member making life so much easier for me. Whatever traditions people were coming up with you were ensuring that they are being followed correctly. A big thank you for that.

…everybody loved the idea of getting the reminder notes. The little ‘Mukta’ touches added panache to the entire celebrations. Even when you were not doing the décor you were totally involved to make the function a success.

I wish Yuna and you all success in the future and I know whenever and wherever Shravan gets married, I will want you to be there to do another wedding for us!

Take care,


Thanks for your efforts yesterday without you, we would not be able to manage the evening and hats off to Mayank and Jasmeet and the entire supportive staff of Yuna.

Our entire family is very much thankful to you.

Umesh Kapoor

Hi Mayank,
Thank you for an awesome decoration. Everything was just perfect and tastefully done. We received endless compliments for the décor, thanks to you. Highly appreciate your effort for going an extra mile and your patience for the endless changes till the last.

Meenakshi Bhardwaj

Hello Mayank,
I am writing to you to thank you for the beautiful work executed by you and your team on Sunday, the 17th for our wedding reception at Silver Oak. The decoration was graceful and elegant. The patio especially looked very beautiful with the lights and festoons. All the requirements we discussed were fulfilled and nothing was missing, which goes to show high levels of perfection in carrying out the task at hand. Thank you very much

Jagriti Chandra

Hi Himani,
My heartfelt thanks to you for wonderful arrangements on the sagan day… we all loved them so much and it all looked so graceful and elegant.

The best part was that you took personal and special care of what all we wanted and added them without even us asking for them. Thank you so much for everything…it all went superb


Dear Mukta,
Our guest couldn’t say about how amazing your work was – but only we can truly appreciate that you are a magician.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Everything was better than I could have even imagined and I had a magical night. We couldn’t have done it without your vision and help.
Please extend our sincerest gratitude to Samrat and Abhijeet as well.

Lots of Love,


Dear Jasmeet and team,
I wanted to express my gratitude to you guys for doing an absolutely impeccable job with the décor for our wedding reception at Silver oak this past week. You not only executed the layout we had agreed on during our first discussion with perfection but did all this without need for any interference from our side. Thanks again for making our day even more special and beautiful with your efforts! Really appreciate the professionalism and creativity you guys displayed…Best of luck for your future assignments.

Aparna & Tarun

Thank you so so much for making my day special. Each and every bit of it was beautiful. Especially the flowers, they were just like I wanted  

I can’t imagine more perfect arrangement. Many Many thanks again.


Dear Mayank,
What an amazing effort. A job well done. We will always cherish this. Many Thanks,

Dr. Khanna

Hi Mukta,
Just want to thank you for everything. The décor was fabulous and couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you and Mayank for a great show.


Morning Himani,
Thank you so much for yesterday. Everything went perfectly well. Please Thank Viren, Vishal and your team as well


Hey Jasmeet,
The background was lovely and the décor too. Great working! The ombre effect came out very nicely.

Rashmi Nair